aPocRyPHaL at BloggedInternet provided me the perfect Asylum. And Orkut became my abode. From here I create (or do I really ??) apocryphal texts on the face of numerous fatwa (just kidding, my stuff are innocuous). Le mot juste is what I seek always (not now, today I am free-styling), and when it surfaces I wish not to lose it in the labyrinth of time and space. I wish to hold them in a kaleidoscope and watch myself evolve. This is an effort towards that. Essentially, I live under the sky without any walls around me, I have kept my diaries open for the ink to dry and you are prying into it………

Jokes apart, there is a prize for guessing what is that “header image”, and why did I choose it. Best part is, you can’t google it. It’s an image !!!!