Sangma, Congress and the Presidential Election

Congress was such entrenched in the rural constituency that, it almost seemed like one of the most pernicious social evils. People would search for “hath chhap” in gram-panchayat polls, Indira Gandhi was household moniker of village tomboys, anyone in white kadi would be a congressia, Congress flags easily went up on Independence Days as a matter of confusion and congress was the sarkari party without doubt. But congress was also hierarchical, so much so that it resembled the “most pernicious social evil”, if you know what I mean. People spent their lifetime in congress and never went anywhere, except for the district party office that they visited almost everyday. If and when one in those unlucky millions somehow sidestepped the tentacles of the family members of the erstwhile representatives and got the “ticket”, as they called the permission to file nomination as a party candidate as if Parliament/Assembly were theatres and they would be spectators watching the puppet show that the high command unfolded if they won, they were senile, impotent by that time but unable to die or abdicate something they longed so long. Delete “if they win” from your memory, because almost always congress candidates won. Or may be don’t delete so soon, because it was the congress which won always, as for the candidates winning was figurative. Younger people kept looking for breakthrough. They were active politicians in colleges having employed every trick of trade in student body elections, able administrators as evident from the despairing state of college canteens, libraries and classrooms and ambitious enough to garner good fortune (from their college funds and other means) and a fleet of well-fed, well-oiled musclemen. Some of them even bravely demonstrated their qualification to the “High command”. Breakthrough was not in the offing, in a party that operated, should I say like the one most intractable social evils!

After a while, the RSS had started recruiting thousands of Pracharaks and few more times more Shiskaks(teachers) for their “Susumandirs and Vidyamandirs”. A wave of “sanskritisation” of the “innocent” tribals had been quietly taking place through the “banavasi kalyana sangha” and “Ekalavya Siksha Kendra”. Shitloads of money was poured both by the Corporation Hindutva and their local Franchise (the businnessmen and the priestliers:-if we are not calling the spade a spade in this post instead call them Poachers). The young leaders from college student bodies, whose families still voted on the “hath chhap” no matter what name it had on ballot with it, were ready to bet their leadership, dynamism, their community’s constituencies for a break- the ticket. The Sangh Parivar provided them the “ticket” and paid them well as well.

It is not a nightmare. It was a winning combination that weaned congress from the most assured constituencies. In western Orissa, including the mineral rich, extremely poor KBK region, congress was all over this lush green belt of hunger death till the early 80s, during which time the Poachers rolled in. Orissa, like most part of India, was always ripe for them. It was one of the first states to prohibit beef consumption by outlawing cow-slaughter aiming particularly at Christian population of the tribals who were unusually educated and high-achievers. The young dalit student leaders, the saffornised non-christian tribals became their foot-soldiers. As a result, Congress ceded Orissa.

The whole spectacle is replayed over the presidential election. Congress never encouraged leadership. It imposed leadership, it imposed leaders- who were party cadres ground into years of submission. It broke and/or bought leaders into submission, to impose its unflinching authority, much like one of the most despicable social evils.

P. A. Sangma probably did a grave blunder in assessing the outcome of Sonia Gandhi’s foreign origin controversy and congress may be justified in not supporting him for ‘revenge’. But the way, Sangma, a tribal leader, is forced to emerge a candidate of the NDA and hence the communal Hindutva who are the nemesis of the dalits, tribals and minority retells of the tortuous path to power and position for dalit-tribals leaders that strips them off any power or position of doing anything worthwhile or even remaining authentic to their roots. Tomorrow, i.e after 5 years congress would appoint (newspapers tell you nominate or elect) a tribal leader as President of India. We will owe it to Sangma, as much congress will want us to acknowledge its party president for it.


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