Mamata Proves Mayawati Right

Had Mamata Banerjee not walked out of the TV recoding due to be televised, we would have never known what she was talking about when she blamed the audience to be Maoists. In the last part of the program that continued without her, rallying the popular theme of an intolerant head-of-state, none of the audience came forward to defend her, or to provide an alternate view. In the state where popular opinion is deeply divided along party lines, and that of basically the two dominant parties (CPI (M), the opposition and the TMC-the party in govt.), none of the participants of the program spoke TMC tongue. To cement her suspicion, even after she questioned the reference only to Jadavpur university students, no one from any other universities come forward and identified. Except for one man, who was from IIM-Calcutta.

So were they all Maoists?

“You don’t look like a Maoist to me”, said Sagarika Ghose to the last person to question before a railed Mamata walked out. So what does a Maoist look like, Sagarika? Not like Arundhati Roy or Binayka Sen, I suppose? How about Soni Sori?

The audiences probably were not Maoists, who came to defend the right to expression, dissent and drink (totally anti-Maoist!!), to question about lack of women’s safety . But these would be exactly the same audience (and I don’t mean the same individuals), if Mayawati was to accept such platform in those numerous TV debates that sprung up against her, and in which Mayawati never appeared nor she sent any representative. The problem with these audiences is the lack of an opinion. Under their garish English and vociferous ideals, there is an utter lack of opinion, which  has followed its natural course of being. The questions they wield, the opinions they display and conclusions they draw reek of the breath of their parents views and seethe tone of tv/newspaper they follow. With their unflinching attachment to institutions, they can not appreciate a shift in popular narrative of a leader, development, growth and governance. As few columnists belatedly find there were areas other than parks and memorials where Mayawati made radical contributions, as newspapers find one or two dalit/obc/muslim columnists once in a blue moon, an audience, at least a part of who looked beyond NCERT textbooks for their education and newspapers for their opinion, is awaited. Till that time, leaders like Mayawati, Ram Bilas Paswan, Laloo Yadav, A Raja and some unfortunate Mamata Banarjee would only be answerable to the legistative assembly, and the court of law where as Arun jaitly, Sushma Swaraj, Arwind Kejriwal and Digvijaya Singh will adorn the TV channels.

P.S- I do condemn any dissent labelled Maoists or anti-national.


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