And Godmen Cheated Women

So religious leaders of all religions, or better put, some religious leaders from few religious groups have come forward to prevent female foeticide, according to this news.

A closer look into the article will tell you their movements are against abortion, not female foeticide/infanticide. You can argue, given the scenario, female foeticide is a bigger evil than antiabortionism. We should adopt and accept whatever means to stop bigger evil first.

To me, acting against grievous gender-bias like female foeticide/infanticide after looking as the worsening sex-ratio feels like something only a man would do. As if we need to ensure, we are not the one left behind! What would have got these godmen started was the lack of visibility of women in the public sphere at the first place. Even in the religious places, do they not feel it watching day after day, that there is a huge disparity in numbers between the two sexes? Have they wondered, why a girl should be given birth, if she is to be confined within walls almost all her life?

Again, what is wrong in acting against it, after the child sex-ratio worries them ,is that they are unlikely to change the reasons girl children are sacrificed. In a section of population, influenced or scared by these godmen and abortions/infanticides forsaken, the girl child is still going to be less appreciated, less prioritized, and a burden. Because, they might now be considered a religious duty, something like an extended fast, unharmed cause harming is sin, but undesired because that doesn’t change the practical/societal realities for them. Eventually realities will shadow religious obligations.

Antiabortion propaganda is certainly not the solution, whether you make it a crime or a sin. As you know it is years about a decade after the Act against sex-selection, the loss of girl-children is the maximum (about 10 million).  A good start for the religious men would be to reform the way their religion has perceived, placed and projected women. That would provide a conducive environment for females which will be assimilated in the society and act as a positively influence prospective parents.

But of course, religions are perfect, it is only men(and women) who sin. And abortion is just another example.


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