To(a/l)d- untold

Narendra Modi
“I have still a lot to do in Gujarat. Let me do what I want in Gujarat and complete the work initiated,”
...initiated in 2002! there are a lot many of them out there.
Rahul Gandhi
“Due to effective vigilance and surveillance, 99 per cent of the terror attacks in the country have been contained”-Rahul Gandhi
…i.e. between february 2010 and july 2011. OK, not really good at Math so..
Raj Thackrey
Demanding that a combing operation be undertaken in Mumbai to flush out those staying illegally, the MNS chief said, “take help of military if needed”. only the maratha regiment. I dont trust others.
Digvijay Singh
“What Rahul Gandhi had said is a commonsensical fact,”
…I am not saying he said something smart. Honestly, I feel kind of silly explaining to you whatever he fumbles out.



5 thoughts on “To(a/l)d- untold

  1. thats true..

    on a lighter note, u should qualify that the second was not in reference to bachelorhood, people should be allowed that choice without being labelled with this or that :). professionally though, he is just that.

    hows life in b-school?

  2. My reference to impotency was professional.

    Life is hectic and I have been thrown into the batch of ignorant majority; Still, it is going ok only 🙂

    I am getting confused over two things ;

    1- Reservation of OBC candidates in the educational institutes. Do they really need it ? Consider this as a social strata case perspective ;

    2- Reservation of highly rich SC/ST candidate; Consider this as a economic strata case perspective ;

    Need some clarification in this regard;

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