Mr. Punia, We Need You: To Help NOT Hinder

Reiterating his contention that the funds of the Special component Plan (SCP) meant exclusively for the welfare of the SC, are being diverted by the UP government for other purposes, Punia told The Sunday Express: “The construction of four medical colleges in Jalaun, Kannauj, Azamgarh and Saharanpour has been financed from the funds of the SCP. UP government in support of its unauthorised act says that 70 per cent of the seats in four colleges will be reserved for SC students, but the Medical Council of India has refused to grant approval to all the four colleges.”[link]

I read that and the first thing that came to my mind was, would not I, if I were Mr. Punia (or in his position) take the matter to the Medical Council of India, demanding why wouldn’t they grant approval to these colleges? There may be a thousand of reasons for the Medical Council of India, which openly instigated anti-reservation fest in several campuses, to refuse, with even some reasonable ones, but wouldn’t it be amazing to see the Chairman of National Commission for Scheduled Castes advance the case of four medical colleges with 70% reservation for SCs, and along the way, reserve reverence of a legion of medical professionals of the future.

But no, this intelligent and highly-educated dalit would be nit-picking at the behest of his bosses and leave it to Ms. Mayawati to finally get the approval and don the badge of honor, which may take time.

Our dreams can wait, not their duel.


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