Dualism of Life

“Western Buddhism” is just such a fetish: it enables you to fully participate in the frantic capitalist game while sustaining the percep­ tion that you are not really in it, that you are well aware how worthless the whole spectacle is, since what really matters is the peace of the inner Self to which you know you can always withdraw . . . In a further specification, one should note that a fetish can function in two opposed ways: on the one hand its role may remain unconscious; on the other, one may think that the fetish is what really matters, as in the case of the Western Buddhist unaware that the “truth” of his existence lies in the very social relations he tends to dismiss as a mere game.

Slavoj Zizek in “First as a tragedy then as farce” (2009) pp 66

Does it not hold true for many of us, who, as shown by Dr. Ambedkar preach Buddhism, rise in the capitalist tide, empathize with maoists, support urbanisation/industrialisation and oppose displacement? In other words, may be it is our zeal to be everything Dr. Ambedkar could be in his whole life, “right now, right here”, that we are tossed into an incomprehensible duality.


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