Mea Culpa – I

In December, 2007, walking down in a relatively calming atmosphere of a geological research institute in Hydebabad, I commented to a rather agreeable friend, “I think fat people are less productive”

We were hurrying, almost running, because we were getting late for a movie. It was a family get-together, graciously hosted by my younger sister, and the friend was a guest. As both of us were lean, as most research scholars with prolonged delusion with their own projects would be, and it might have been the belief that we were walking quite fast that provoked such shameful prejudice. May be I had some people i didn’t like in mind, who happened to be fat. We had a serious quasi-scientific discussion of how our hypothesis was true.

Now, as I realize Fat is a class issue as well as a feminist issue, and have read few books/articles on this subject, I know how wrong I was.


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