BIG DEAL on Women’s Reservation

I am not sure, if media is celebrating the imminent enactment of women’s reservation or another blow to india’s ‘identity politics’ [ by which the lexicon of indian media mainly means ‘politics with caste’ but suggests ‘politics of caste’, regionalism, communalism are the terms for other kinds of identity politics]. But a rather insignificant news draws my attention here [link]

In fact, Maharashtra’s Minister for Tribal Development Babanrao Pachpute blames the students themselves, saying they were lacking on many fronts — particularly physical assets — while Commissioner for Tribal Development D S Rajurkar says air-hostess jobs would have been difficult for them given the competition.

May be I am a little twisted, but i am not sure what the minister meant. If we take a definition from financial dictionary here[link]

An item of economic, commercial or exchange value that has a tangible or material existence. Physical assets are the opposite of intangible assets, which have value but are nonphysical such as leases, computer programs or agreements. Physical assets can be inventoried or stored, although they may go through depletion, depreciation, deterioration or shrinkage in the storage process.

then what did they expect from the tribal girls who were picked up from villages and put in a govt. sponsored training program? And after couple of years of respectfully dressing like u desire, studying what u dictate, u say,

“they are not physically appealing, not good communicator”?

This person at the ministry of Tribal development SERIOUSLY needs counseling, (and I say this with the knowledge that usually this post goes to a tribal MLA of the ruling coalition/party. no idea about him).

A more rational-looking excuse comes from the commissioner.

“The training was part of skill development,” adds Commissioner Rajurkar. “Many girls have benefited by way of jobs in the hospitality industry but it is difficult to think of air-hostess jobs for them as candidates there are highly skilled and competitive.”

Apparently, they can’t do anything about it, as long as it comes to dalit/tribal people being phased out in competition. In the meanwhile, the Indian government introduces bill to reserve seats for women (in one of the most competitive job sectors) and elsewhere Deutsch Telecom introduces women’s quote in managerial positions [link].

May be all the cookies are for women with physical assets!


3 thoughts on “BIG DEAL on Women’s Reservation

  1. Thanks for covering such sensitive topic. Who cares about Gender equality here? And, They want eye candy in Air hostess, thats the truth nobody wants to speak. What Vijay Mallya does it openely, rest follow in hush hush voice. Its those girls that suffer. Check this:

    India is a market where sales of whitening creams are far outstripping those of Coca-Cola and tea.

    • Himanshu,

      often i feel handicapped not to be able to sue these idiots. hope will be able to do that soon. cribbing on blogs/fb is just so painful.

      couple of more points..
      1. does it now mandate reservation in private sector? Some time back, Narayan Murthy of Infosys tried to subvert that by a much publicized ‘quality improvement’ program. Picked sc/st engg grads “made them competent for private sector”, as if insisting that there were no discrimination in private sector. [link]

      2. With what objective the program started? Did it expect to change the physical assets- whatever that means- of the trainees and make them competitive? Was the ministry unaware of the high competition and lookism of the airline/hospitality industry?

      3. It should put a death nail to the suspicion of “lack of qualified/meritorious” argument. There has to be a demand, there has to be a willingness or legal binding from the employer to diversify its staff.

      about what u say, [thanks for the link], these are the small changes that would make any difference.

  2. Hi, This argument about meritotious is floating from many days. But, now with women reservation, it will settle. What I am looking forward in the academia is programs like this one operated in IIMK Kozikhode

    I am still young and planning to make career in teaching in coming decade… I like these programs as it do the necessary economic and social upliftment.

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