New Research Blog on Caste

Caste on Web [link] seems to have taken off months back, but still had not caught my eye, even with all the RSS feeds and hours of loitering on internet. They are interested exploring,

  • how youth utilizes the space of Internet to discuss, debate, criticize, interrogate and introspecting the opinions of themselves and others about caste and caste related issues
  • how the modern technology like Internet is strengthening or weakening the issue of caste

They are in youth fellowship program from PUKAR-an NGO  with which a group of urban dalit women i was associated briefly had projects. More interestingly, the youths in “Caste on Web” are making their research (including data) available online, which gives us a unique opportunity to discuss, scrutinize (even guide, if they needed) how caste comes up in internet.


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