“Governmental Discrimination in Srilanka”

Dr Brian Senewiratne is  nephew of S.W.R.D. Bandaranaike, the former prime minister of Srilanka who conceived the idea of discriminating against the Tamils to win over the majority since 1965- as you will listen in the following interview- which escalated into the bloody massacre we witnessed (we didn’t, it was blacked out! no, he says, he has documentary/visual evidence), and left 160,000 Internally Displaced and 300,000 in concentration camps/welfare villages (depending on whose language u speak).


“…the most serious thing is the toilet facilities, i mean, you might think that it is absurd, it is not absurd. because the toilet facilities are holes in the ground. they are latrines and some of the latrines are full and overflowing. I mean, I hate to discuss the crudity on air but it is a very coarse crude thing that they are doing. And now the area is filling up with water cause the monsoon is just about to break. and in the pre-monsoonal rain, the rain fill the area and maggots and feces actually float into the tents. I mean, the people who couldn’t be killed by shells and bombs are going to be killed by cholera, typhoid and infectious diseases.”

“…..It not just the Srilankan government. But the govt. assisted by India and particularly china and Russia, for their own geopolitical gains, because the whole thing hinges on the control of the India ocean….”

Interesting ? listen it here [link]  [its 34 min. long]


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