Scorn: A Short Story By Bama

The most abundant genre of Dalit writing you can find online is analytical. Poetry is next. Rarely you see a short story. Asking for a novel or an autobiography online is probably too much. One can hardly expect something like the Golden Notebook Project [link] at this stage.  Besides, the UN has just begun to see  us, the Norwegian committee will take its time. So till then,  enjoy reading Scorn by Bama, in The Little Magazine [link], if you haven’t already…

“Sir, what does this child know?” asked Paripoornam sorrowfully. “She does not know that she should not take things from the children of your street. She should not be beaten for that. If they all study in one school, things like this will happen.”

“That’s why we did not want to admit the children of your street. But then we took pity on them, and see what problems you’re creating now! You people should be kept in your place. If she does not want to come to school, get her four piglets. She can look after them. It would be good for you, too. Now go. Don’t waste our time early in the morning,” said the headmaster and got up. The other teachers followed him out of the door. Paripoornam took her daughter’s hand and returned home.

Leave a link if you discover more.


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