Not Helping

How does this question help a debate on caste and judiciary?

Are dalits above the law?

It is the first question Dr. Anand Teltumbde had to answer for an interview with The Asian Age, with respect Chief Justice Dinakaran. It appears to me, Dr. Teltumbde is hard pressed to explain that Dalits ( and Dalit intellectuals) don’t rally around powerful and corrupt Dalits. May be it was needed after many of us blindly supported Mayawati despite corruption allegation (how many cases of corruption except Taj Corridor Project Case against her?) or our almost total silence over the allegations against A. Raja ( back on the ministry- not that it absolves him of the allegations).

Should there be a separate law for dalits? What about the judiciary? Can the dalit card be used to protect “corrupt” and “criminal” elements?

That was another question. Tell me if a school going kid who has heard cricketer turned politician cum the-man-who-laughs-on-tv shiddu speak on TV, couldn’t ask such questions?

And instread of playing the class and suggesting that the upper-class Dalits who benefited already from the establishment

” should be isolated from the constitutional protection lest they should bring the entire constitutional structure itself to disrepute”

could it be answered the way Ranjit did once,

“this kind of warning comes bz of the stereortypical belief the popular polemical essentailist equations among Dalit circles such as Dalit= good and brahmin=bad OR that which has been hegemonically imagined at the national level ie; Brahmin=good/merit and Dalit = bad/merirtless will never help address social realities..Dalit is a human being with all good and bad qualities..let us accept it”

By the way, there is no constitutional or legal protection against corruption or any form of criminality for Dalits, afaik. All that is there, is a mechanism, an act which seeks to prevent any outward atrocity/abuse/discrimination of Dalits in public places. There is a difference.


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