Backstory of Statues

It is rather insipid, the incessant attack on Statues and Memorials, the newspapers telling us how many hundreds of crores are spent, as if the money is stashed away in the infamous “swiss banks”; how the CM’s pet projects never end, as if bridges and roads come up overnight in India-they rather go down; how the workers are paid minimum wage, as if there is a concept of ethical-structure/buildings in India; how some labourers died, thats serious i agree. The chattering class didnt just object the grand statues in lucknow because of the expenses, but also to the proliferation of blue jacket and glasses clad, constitution carrying Ambedkar statues all over India. This can mislead you, as to what are they really opposed to. I have tried to answer it in the light of BSP’s political strategy in this new blog Round Table.

But Chidambaram’s criticism was repugnant. To Chidambaram, I have this to say,

“Since no one will do it for a dalit, we got to blow our own trumpets. Since dalits don’t want to go to temples, we want to create our own pilgrim centers. Since this country hasn’t produced many wealthy dalit businessman and industrialists, we will use govt. money.”

And I am making a list of shamefuls in Indian politics.


3 thoughts on “Backstory of Statues

  1. Yep. We should blow our trumpets.
    Now that Nandan Nilekeni a free market capitalist and a thread wearing Brahmin is appointed to Cabinet rank to head UID project, we Dalits should beat our chests.

    • Hi Bahujan Mahajan,

      I think you have spotted a right thing. It is going to be a big scam, involving thousands of crores of rupees but on the outset it will look like another step on the development roadmap.

  2. Just wait for a couple of more years and Mayavathi will be history. The Bahunaj formula is now decimated. The Bahujan + Sarvajan formula much more so. Tyag Mata Sonia Gandhiji and Krantiveer Yuva nayak Rahul Gandhiji have already started roping in the Dalits into the congress fold. The OBC’s are going to abandon SP for congress. Why would any one support a dead horse. Muslims have no option but to support congress because they are afraid of Hindutva through BJP. No prizes for guessing whom the upper caste fellows will vote – the congress of course.
    The only hope for Mayavathi is a resurgent Hindutva and a fractured mandate. That’s not going to happen since the Nuke deal is already signed and there are bigger forces in play. Its going to be goodbye to Mayavathi pretty soon. Congress will rule the party of AO Hume, Annie Beasant, Dadabahai Naoroji, Tilak, Gokhala,Motilal,Gandhi, Jawahar, Indira, Rajeev, Tyagmata Soniaji and Krantiveer Yuvanayak Rahulji – Jai Ho.

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