Support Palestinians: Boycott Israel

Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere. -MLK

The number of terrorist attacks have increased sevenfold after Iraq invation. The gunmen in Mumbai attack were likened to Hamas, (by USA of course), but there is no suprise if they were told to attack Israelis. All it says is “Security is not Peace”.  And without justice there cannot be peace (nor security). There is a people’s movement Boycott, Divestment and Sanction against Israel. The least you can do is avoid buying good with barcode number starting with 729. Find out what more you can.  It may bring some peace!

Casualty count. Cartoons of conflict. Children casualties. UN says its War crime.

Hamas didnt start this conflict, an Israeli professor and former soldier says. The The incumbent govt. of Israel, which was perceived as soft on Palestine by Zionists, is killing people/children/women randomly in Gaza to show that it isn’t. Election in Israel is scheduled on Feb 10 and the Kadima(the ruling party) is trailing in polls. The main opposition party Likud is Hawkish. That means: There is NO peaceful political alternative in Israel for Palestine, only some people’s movement like Peace Now.

USA was the only country which abstained from voting a UN security Council resolution calling for “an immediate, durable and fully respected ceasefire”. Barack Obama‘s deafening silence, who condemned Mumbai attack in clearest terms, is condemnable. When in Jan 20, he takes office, Israel wants him to find an umbrage-d, flustered,decimated Hamas to talk to, or PLA as sole negotiator.

Europe is treading a middle-path. Calling for “restrain from both sides”, “immediate ceasefire” falls on deaf ear of Isreali govt., while the EU mulls a proposal to ugrade ties with Israel. Chezs, with current presidency in EU are best Israel ally.

The Arab nations are either allies of the US, or aloof except for Syria. Egypt even closed the boarder making it impossible for the civilians (who is civilian there actually) to flee.

Israel was never serious about peace. It used the ‘peaceful’ time to deprive the Palestinians with aid, essential medicines supplied by UN, isolate them, crush their backbone and intensify Israeli settlement, grab land and bolster its economy. Peace, for Iseal, is security. Peace for Isreal is a colonial non-state population at its mercy. Read here how  last ceasefire between Hamas was exploited by Israel, by a Havard Middle-East expert.

The formula of discrimination/opression/colonisation is essentially universal. World must wake up to this reality.

Prediction: Israeli aggression will end  before 19th Jan


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