Vote-Share Is Not Acceptability

The father of a 13yr old girl has writen to Ms. Mayawati not to induct Aruna Sankar Sukla, a former SP MLC into BSP.  Sukla  has been threatening the family of the girl who was brutally raped by Sukla’s nephew and his friends. [link]

In an unrelated(!) news, Ms. Maywati defends ‘law and order’ of the state.[link]

She also defended her decision to induct persons with criminal antecedents into the BSP and said, “I have inducted such persons only after they have promised to reform themselves. If they continue with their activities, I will not waste any time in showing them the door.”

She also claims to have suspended ‘officials found negligence of duty’ in Bhaghpat shootout. Why should lower officials be sacked for negligence, if politicians are not?

Personally, I dont think eliminating criminal-politicians or allgeded-ciminal politicians from political parties is a pragmatic approach to contain crime in  society. They will just ride the back of another party or contenst and win independently. But you can’t give them all the hot-seats of power on a simple promise to reform themselves! It seems BSP does more than that. Ms. Mayawati keeps close eyes on her party members. There are a network of spies on each member of the BSP, reporting daily to the BSP chief. [link]

But the kind of oversight Siddiqui hints at borders on paranoia: five persons per BSP candidate in Delhi. And even he himself, he shrugs, knows he is being watched, with a daily report duly filed on his activities.

Is it an effective strategy? Does this restrain the party members with criminal past who are, without a doubt, important for electoral success? Ms. Mayawati has done whatever it takes to shore the vote-share of BSP. She brokered power-sharing deals with SP/BJP, campaigned for Modi, diluted the POA, had the party disciplined to the level of the accusation ‘undemocratic’, shifted from Bahujan to Sarbajan and all of  it yielded result. The results are optimistic, if not exciting, even though the path was not.  I hope it is just wading through the sewage to the prized land. BSP have not grown by leaps and bounds, the growth has always been slow but solid, the ground is won in inches. And one day, I hope, with a fearsome presence in India political arena, BSP would take unwavering stand on issues that even the middle-class fancy.

But if a 13yr old girl and her family are victimized and their persecutor is provided political immunity by non-other-than BSP and Behenji,  every BSP supporter, including me, is bound to be sad and confused. These are the same people, the brahmins/caste-hindus, land-owning caste who used to victimise and terrorise dalit/muslims/minorites. If its not pracitally possible to end their attrocity, Behenji must not encourage them by accepting them into the party fold.  Otherwise the acceptability of BSP will remain doubtful.

Big dreams aside, lets make a small efforts towards justice with the small gains we have made.


5 thoughts on “Vote-Share Is Not Acceptability

  1. Yes, even I felt very very depressed after reading this piece of news. I also read other news items, where it is reported that Anna alias Arun Shukla was one of the prime accused in the State Guest House case (where it was alleged that he and others had tried to assault and abduct Mayawati). Instances like this makes everybody have a rethink,

    • Hi Meena,
      thanks for pointing that (Sukla’s past) out. It is a major letdown. In the political power play Ms. Mayawati might still be having an upper hand in this case, but that leaves common man in lurch. I hope the least she does is respond to them with some kind of assurances, not just issue press statements. But of course, we would never know about those, thanks to our media.

  2. hi Vikram,

    what political gain I could answer with certain confidence. ‘Why’ needs a broader look at the inaccessibility of the corridors of power/politics to common man. The same strengthens even more, for dalits and women. That is why it is unfortunate for a party led by a Dalit woman to nominate such person for political advantage.

    N.B- Sukla was denied nomination finally

    thanks for adding my blog.

  3. I guess I am grossly simplifying, but it probably comes down to the fact that the poor cannot afford the campaign money to buy a ticket and stand for election. So these thugs who have made money through unscrupulous means are the ones that have the resources to finance campaigns.

    I am glad to hear that Sukla was denied the nomination.

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