Grotesque, not just politically incorrect

Shobha de’s column “politically incorrect : Mera Bharat Kahan” is being spammed…it hit my mailbox today, and I hurriedly composed my response to the is not-blog-post like, but hope its readable

for all the ‘public posturing’ of a concerned citizen, feminist, and philanthropist, ms. de had just painted a fine self-portrait of an upper class, misogynist who can only see the life on the street though the windshield of her cars…does she know more than half of bombay population live in slum-meaning inadequate or temporary tenements she saw by the roadside ? and they employ themselves in unorganized sectors, they become your domestic helps, housekeepers, nannies, cabbies, dabbawala, construction workers, vegetable vendors so on… they dont just turn sex-workers, drug-peddlers, tricksters…sure, bombay can boast of the biggest sex-market in asia. but to see a hapless girlchild selling newspaper on a rainy day and foresee not just a rough future but a rough character, is like denying humanity to the unprivileged…like saying half of bombay’s population trives on illegal trades…and by that conveniently pushing the unorganised labor market away from sight..actually the govt. has done that so far….that little girl is probably at a greater risk of a road-accident, malnutrition or contracting a life threatening disease than ending up in…for once, if people like ms. de got out of their boxes-made up of steel/glass/concrete or ignorance, they would realise an impressively high percent of people from street resort to dignified labour, even if they cant have dignified jobs…life is hard and grim, but not that disreputable….

it is commendable that the storyteller trying to raise your conscience by drawing your attention to the ‘other side of the moon’ but stereotyping those ‘others’ as loose women and petty criminals is even worse…no wonder the maids/housekeepers are first suspects of every family mishap…if i were that kid, i would probably have liked her to buy of my newspaper if she needed one, than her misguided sympathy…


3 thoughts on “Grotesque, not just politically incorrect

    • we need to object. they can’t just portray us anyway they want and get away with it cause they have the media at their disposal.

      but nice to know u share the discontent. thanks.

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