A disturbing Fact

When the Ram Janmabhoomi / Babri Masjid riots were at their peak, the Rajput Regiment was asked to help bring the situation under control. The regiment declined, citing a valid (but strange) reason. What was the reason? [link]

The regiment felt that its war cry of `Jai Siya Ram’ i.e. victory to Sita and Rama would be misinterpreted by the mob – a sign of support for Hindus. [link]

I am stunned. Can an Indian Army regiment decline to step in in case of an emergency ? Of course, another regiment could be and was(may be) used, thats not the argument. And the government buys their reason(sic) ? I think they did, and even the people, can’t you see the quizzer says its a valid reason.

You can shed your humanity, your patriotism, but you cannot shed that “war cry” of yours !! Your patriotism cannot penetrate the shiny uniforms, and your military academy and your military career is just an extension of the militant Hinduism, which Nirad C.Choudhury so talked about !!


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