Favorite people of India

Khushhwant Sing says, Parsis are his favorite people, in a column published in Hindustan Times and Deccand Herald. He even says they should be top favorites of all Indians. (I think he wants us to make a list !!).

I read his article in Hindustan Times with quite a few chuckles. “Parsis, my favorite people “the title read. How would it sound if someday said, “Dalits, my favorite people”. Ridiculously hilarious isn’t it ? May be pretentious, or at best patronising. What about “Muslims, my favorite people”. I dare you say that !!

He argues, Parsis should be favorite because “they have given so much to India”. Of course by the simplest of the logic, everyone loves the person who gives. He also lists their areas of contribution which is almost every area. He even says, there must be more great people than he knows, thats another reason to my surprise.

“The reason why Parsis have done so well in different fields is largely due to the fact that the end-product of their efforts inspire confidence — whether it be milk products, biscuits, bread rolls, locks, safes, cement, steel or motor cars, you can be sure they will be of the best quality. Bribery is as little known among them as beggary.”

I think there is another reason, Parsis should be Indians’ favorites. They didn’t demand much. They didn’t demand political representations,  special treatment, just Special Marriage Act I guess. Wheather they needed those is a question you should ask. But fact is that, this helped them not to antagoize the majority, the ruling, the self-serving majority. Along with this, and all the things Khushwant singh said, should make them the darling of all Indians.

When I extend the logic, it gets bitter, lets leave it here today after having said that, the nation and its intellectuals have yet not decided to recognise the efforts of those people who were not like them- intellectuals, industrialists, entrepreneurs and so on, in nation building.


4 thoughts on “Favorite people of India

  1. there are thousands of politicians out there from Mayavathi to Deve gowda to advani to sonia gandhi to mulayam to laloo who claim that ‘Dalits are their favourite people’. Why single out Kushwanth. Don’t take his words out of context. parsis who have contributed immensely and constructively to the nation.

  2. Zoheb,

    I guess I have not repudiated Parsi’s contribution in nation building. Of course, I acknowledge that. You might like to contradict me on the issues I wrote about.

    But, I am sure you won’t find a politician saying, “dalits are favorites’ or ‘muslims’, not that they are craving for it. But thats the very logic of my blog-post.

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