Destitute sport

“In future in the World Cup, if the Indian hockey team performs very well, then at that time I will consider their demands,” said Karnataka Chief Minister HD Kumaraswamy.

That was the euphoric moment of Asia Cup win, the players and the coach were trying to cash in, by going on a hunger strike. What were they thinking, have not they heard of Irom Sharmila, Medha Patkar and the likes. Unfortunately these players’ motive was not exactly “shelfless” and “ideological” but money. What has the world become !! Wasn’t it an insult to the grand old man, the father-of-hunger-strikes !!!

Well, Mr. CM saved the tax-payers’ money. Had it not been the insight of this great man, karnataka state would have lost about quite a few lacs, all in vain. The team even the lost the Olympic qualifier for 2008.

Do you know how much they many goals they scored in that tournament. 57 in 7 matches. I am sure that was carefully thought up. The IHF declared Rs. 1000 for each goal. One thousand rupees- you will never know how much it is unless you write it in words. The banks are quite right.

It was Sahruk Khan, who came to the Indian Hockey teams rescue on the evening scored 7-2 majestic win over Korea-the only strong team India played against- the media claims now. News channels rushed to him, and he did what winners do, at the end of the match. Speak about the day’s work and grab the accolades. It is was a divine face-saver, for the drudged and mute hockey players.

And there was Women’s hockey team. What is the best to get some exercise done by Indian women ? Of course, grab a pot/bucket and fetch some water. The Indian express published an awesome picture of such a beautiful Indian tradition of the girls at activity at the wee hours in Neheru stadium, on its front page. We all saw and nodded our heads in affirmation. No wonder the team won World cup. Oh, just dont start getting salty, Mr. CM had not promised then, he wasn’t even the CM yet, you see.

I never knew, Indian Hockey team has been going to the Olympics for past 80 years. I never knew there was Olympic qualifiers. If I did, I must have thought there must be some kind reservation for India, in there. After all, we have quite a few ST boys in there. I think we should start putting some meritorious, good looking boys in the team, who would make their own money through commercials, not always whine about money.

The IHF is a fully dedicated body, to hockey-whom else did you think ? Can’t you see the old man serving against his age and judgment for more than one and half decade. He is so fond of hockey, he might take it to the grave with him. And just look at the players on field, thinking about money all the time, “playing 50% of their potential”, bringing shame to India……………


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