A poem of Keshav Meshram

One day I cursed that mother-fucker God

Trans.-Jayant Karve and Eleanor Zelliot with Pam Espleland

One day I cursed that mother-fucker God.
He just laughed shamelessly.
My neighbour – a born-to-pen Brahman – was shocked.
He looked at me with his castor-oil face and said,
‘How can you say such things to the
Source of the Indescribable,
Qualityless, Formless Juggernaut ?
Shame on you for trying to catch his dharma-hood
in a noose of words.’


I cursed another good hot curse.
The university buildings shuddered and sank waist-deep.
All at once, scholars began doing research
into what makes people angry.
They sat in their big rooms fragrant with incense,
and debated.
On my birthday, I cursed God.
I cursed him, I cursed him again.
Whipping him with words, I said
‘Bastard !’
‘Would you chop a whole cart full of wood
for a single piece of bread ?
Would you wipe the sweat from your bony body
with your mother’s ragged sari ?
Would you wear out your brothers and sisters
for your father’s pipe ?
Would you work as a pimp
to keep him in booze ?
Oh Father, Oh God the Father!
You can never do such things.
First you would need a mother –
one that no one honours
one who toils in the dirt
one who gives and gives of her love.’


One day cursed the mother-fucker God.


5 thoughts on “A poem of Keshav Meshram

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  2. Dear Sir/Madam
    i read out the poem of Keshav Meshram. It is extremely radical.I salute Meshramsir. Meshram sir has cursed the mother fucker god one day. But He is not alone to cursed the mother fucker god. Meshramsir said that one day i cursed the mother fucker god but I says Everyday I cursed the motherfucker +sister fucker god(specially Hindu god goddess). Because of themmillions of Dalits, women,chidlren,peasants and farmers suffering and living worst life.We should not have to cursed them but to destroy them.


  3. kesahav meshram’s poem “Meshram Fuckur to God” means he hates those who created god and also hates hindu culture and society, because they don’t behave like human with “dalit”.

  4. i think keshav meshram sir is right about the shemfullness in hinduism and their so called sant and mahant. some sant and mahant arefound guilty in prostitutuion in india like krupaluji maharaj, shankaracharya of canchikamakoti pitha. i think every hindu people hate them.

    jai bhim jai maharashtra

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