My own quotes – A little more explanations…

“The tendency to overlook caste divide, rationalise caste-discrimination is an elite form of caste-ism, since it helps caste perpetuate and provides platform for discrimination”

Traditionally discrimination is associated with denial of rights, lower treatment and negative preference. The practice of untouchability was/is so deep in India that, discrimination without untouchability is hard to notice. In circumstances where overt practice of untouchablility is not only immediately culpable, but also uneconomic, this rustic caste-ism is no longer in practice. But numerous small, seemingly insignificant, pretentiously innocuous and subtle actions add up to maintain the status-quo i.e the exclusion of the derided communities. If any society/institute/organisation/government does not represent its demography, it is discriminating. The members of such entity can not claim innocence when they are part of such an entity. Failing to recognise this fact, feigning igorance, trying to rationalise the above demographic disparity is attempting to maintain status-quo i.e supporting discrimination at organisational level.

A prejudice is prejudice. The intensity can only be judged of his actions.

Prejudice is a feeling/emotion like love, hate, anxiety or everything else. The problem is prejudice, conscience etc. are traditionally associated with brain whereas love, hate, affection, warmth etc. are referred to as matter of heart, metaphorically of course. But this is not baseless. Inconspicuously this spatial division makes conscience, prejudice etc a subjects and result involving thinking process while love, hate are made spontaneous and instinctive. Nothing could be far from truth. All these feelings are born out of information and experience over time and they can shape up or fade away similarly. The only scale to measure such feeling is behaviour, but there is no one-to-one link between feeling and behaviour. Behaviour is a co-ordinated display of multiple variables (which may include one or more internal factors-like the emotions or external factors-e. g. repercussion of action) sometimes nullifying each other, sometime reinforcing themselves.

I am surprised to see myself explaining to this length, just to drive home the message that “a caste-bias if not displayed one walk of life, does not mean not practised in other walk”.

Discrimination may or may not be a conscious(deliberate) act, but ensuring/cherishing equality is impossible without conscious and educated efforts You grow up in a rural area in India, where even text-books refer Africans as negro. You tend to use the word even when you are in America. Untouchable caste-names are abuses, to identify with them is belittling; these are few examples of colloquial languages and culture usage. It is done with impunity and plane talk sometimes without any particular motive. But these are the equally seething, cause it discriminates, creates anguish, treats the particular caste/community in contempt as any deliberate action. So to rise above it, one needs to restrain himself consciously from doing so.

Does the search for a reason to treat fellow human being as unequal makes you a racist/castiest, or only after you manifest it by your action it does ?

If you are careful enough, you can see they have been satisfying themselves with whatever sources they can draw explanation/answer from. Just after you posted the poll result of Brahmin community Nilay posts…”when they are treating humans unequally without a logical reason.”
Does this mean that there could be a logical reason to treat people unequally ? I cannot think of any. But unequal treatment have been rationalised by religious texts for thousands of years, and now they seek refuse in their half-backed understanding of western scholars like Adam smith, Socrates, Darwin(at other discussions) etc when their scriptures have become worthless.


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