Deleted Post in Orkut

Tejas, let me assume that you are open to ideas.

Change of faith is a very difficult internal strife. I dont know how many of the contributors to this thread are born to Hindu parents, lived more than half of their life in a hindu religious bubble and then exposed to Ambedkar and Buddhism. But “unlearning” and “disbelieving” something you have inculcated in your formative years is a long drawn process. So instead of criticizing someone for being trapped in the quagmire, we should be patient and let the person evolve himself. I think, when one is born in an urban set-up and to a privileged family, hinduism may appear less devilish than it actually is. And by the way the national-toilet papers (i love this term) portray each atrocities on dalits (at least the ones which they cant but report), it appears to be an incident of backwardness, communal tension or personal duel-much less than the religiously-sanctified brazen and inhuman practice of casteism. And hence one is prone to relegate it to as an affair of the past and superstition/rituals, and hope that hinduism is reinventing itself abnegating brahminism. There are some tremendous effort going on towards this new and inflated hinduism( about Brijendra aka Pankhudi i am just guessing, but more or less it is a generalised statement). I think this thinking is not more childish or immature as saying “i have not faced any kind of discimination personally but i have heard of this and read in newspapers” ( which few stated in some threads).

Is it related to what the thread is about ? I think it is….

So,instead of attacking someones personal belief, we should have asked for democratising the community, which is already half-way since there are many moderators. He could share the ownership also with some active members as well. But it is surprising that none of the moderators except for chaitanya have anything to say in this matter. May be they are discussing within themselves. Since there polling is possible in the community with an options to put up a remark with vote by individual members, i think it would be fair enough for the members to decide.


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