A reponse to former Director IIT Madras

An article “Myth Of Caste Division” is by theformer director of IITM. Some one posts the whole article in orkuts, which warranted a rejoinder. It is easy to counter pseudo-social scientists always.

So I write..

1. The article ” Myth Of Caste Division” is by P V Indiresan- a committed soldier lending his fallacious argument and name (& former position as IITM director) to anti-reservation campaign. This is the source of the above article. @ Brijendra, since you dont provide any link neither the author’s name and post it under the thread name Brijendra corner, It is quite misleading)2. Mr. Indiresan says, “That caution is necessary on two grounds: One, it is important to decide who the OBCs are today and not who they were 75 years ago.”

P.S. Krishnan-former chairperson, backward class commissioner says”There is an incorrect impression that the 1931 Census is the basis on which the backward classes were identified, and that they were identified according to the conditions 80 years back. The backward classes had been identified before the 1931 Census. The current list was prepared not on the basis of the 1931 Census but through multiple procedures in the contemporary context. The Mandal Commission held its investigations in 1979-80. So it pertains to the conditions at that time”3. P.V. Indiresan has voiced his much publicized concern of the state of primary (read pre-college) education in this article. . He speaks volumes about the pernicious education in govt. schools but fails to notice the segregation of Indian schooling system at the outset. He still doesnot even obliquely refer to “common school system”. All his outburst are only reactionary (not progressive) measure of one policy- reservation in the IITs and IIMs.

A common school system requires every neighbourhood to have access to a good government school equipped with all the facilities available in private schools — qualified teachers, infrastructure and quality education. If children from rich and poor households attend the same school, its management and teachers would be accountable, as at least the rich will be a pressure group for quality education. Such institutional upgradation will result in an overnight transformation of government schools. I don’t believe it’s anybody’s case to downgrade private, so-called elite schools. The proposal is to upgrade corporation and government schools to the highest level to engineer a social transformation,” says V. Vasanthi Devi, former vice-chancellor of Gandhigram Rural University and Manonmaniam University and currently chairman of the Tamilnadu State Commission for Women.”
Read more on Kothari commission report

4. Hilarious it may sound but have a look at his agrument.
Prof. Indiresan says” Before Independence, in many parts of the country, OBCs controlled land and forward castes concentrated on educated employment.”……….. Income from land has dwindled and the OBCs are seeking to take over the economic space that was occupied by forward castes…..

I ask, “Is this such a bad thing, sir. Afterall, everyone is searching greener pasture. Baniyas shifting to IITs and IIMs, Bramhins taking up jobs in leather industry.”

5. Prof. Indiresan says”In the Mahabharata, Yudhishthira begs for five villages for himself and his brothers…. Is not the current situation similar?”

Yes it is similar. Similar to Yudhistira the caste-hindus are begging for keeping the IITs and IIMs caste-hindu bastions on the pretext of preserving academic excellence. (Recall, Of some 400-odd faculty members in IIT Madras there are two dalits. In IIT-Bombay, there is none


2 thoughts on “A reponse to former Director IIT Madras

  1. Of some 400-odd faculty members in IIT Madras there are two dalits. In IIT-Bombay, there is none..

    That’s why the quality of the IITs is still preserved.. Think of it.. A person getting a backdoor entry into some 2nd rate govt college,som1 who has barely managed to get even the passing marks gets into IITs as a lecturer to the brightest brains in the country!!(Any 1 from elite govt colleges or any1 having gud marks will find some reserved job in som govt org..)
    That’ll be bloody murder man!! Murder of intellect! murder of the IIT-brand name!! Even for the unlucky fellow, it won’t be anything less than a suicide to face the questions from the best in the country…

    Offcourse noone cares for the teacher’s caste if he’s gud enough.. I believe the 2 teachers in IIT-Mumbai fall in that category..

  2. Shobit

    This is where the topic is discussed. join to talk there.http://www.orkut.com/CommMembers.aspx?tab=0&cmm=27623129&q=shobit


    A person getting a backdoor entry into some 2nd rate govt college,som1 who has barely managed to get even the passing marks gets into IITs as a lecturer to the brightest brains in the country!!

    This statement shows how much you protect yourself from information. And stressed the fact that you are not educated (at least on this issue) enough to talked to.

    One more thing. Give all the other privileges that iits having to any other institute it will turn itself to a brand name in 5 years. (only if you knew what other reasons made iit the brand you think it is)

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