A Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing- Amit Deo

“Never think that the forest(trouble) is over, Never think a brahmin is your brother (Khaman ke nai balba pada, baman ke nai balba dada) is a piece of wisdom that the dalits of Kalahandi have gathered from their experience. Time and over this proverb proves itself, a brazen example of which is presented here.
Amit deo, is the name of such a treachery. This demented individual- ostensibly without any hatred, preacher of brotherhood and above all a patriot-goes berserk without slightest provocation and posts this one.

I myself has used violence when dalits attacked me.Burnt two of them.

(if you started sympathising for he was attached, then you might like to look up other cases of dalit atrocities. Almost always dalits are alleged to spark off any conflict ironically where are at the receiving end. May be standing up and raising their voice unlike last century was the provocation needed)

After he was banned from the this group, where I am active, I was going complain about moderators’ high-handedness. Before I did, he justified their pro-activeness without compunction. A punctilious record of our exchange of words would corroborate the fact.

His psychotic battle probably is long engaged. But he locked horn with me with a post in the thread “Reservarion: Discussion with different angle.


kindly refrain from overwhelming usrself with this concept of reservation.I belive in affirmative action and reservation is our enemy.As mr malcom king belived that hating some one won;t solve any problems.So plzz have a longer term vision those are calling us hostile let me tell you,viewing your fellow hindus brothers and sisters as hostiles will never solve this problem of discrimination.as it is in USA,affirmative action is neccesary but ,reservation is not rational

Interestingly, “this concept” here is the concept that reservation is actually a method to provide adequate representation. “Every endeavour shall be made to secure fair representation of the depressed classes in these respects subject to such educational qualifications as may be laid down for appointment to the public services.the historic POONA PACT

When asked what he knew abt Affirmative action and how he distinguished it from Reservation, he had to say this about affirmative action

Affirmative action refers to concrete steps that are taken not only to eliminate discrimination —whether in employment, education, or contracting—but also to attempt to redress the effects of past discrimination. The underlying motive for affirmative action is the principle of equal opportunity, which holds that all persons have the right to equal access to self-development. In other words, persons with equal abilities should have equal opportunitie.

apocryphal—–>Resevation is not one of the concrete steps,equal appourtunity for the equaly qualified is.So the blacks in USA are not given admission to schools and colleges just because they were slaves.But because they are eligible for entering that institution.So stop being slefish and think of the nation first.

The second half of the post was posted also to my scrapebook. My response could not have been more candid.

In the group I wrote.

You are completely wrong. In fact, in addition to relaxation in eligibility, special care is taken by the institute to search talent and fill up the categorised seats/post. Not like Indian universities, where seats are just left blank.May I know the provenance of your information ? (He never answered this)

Besides, Lets not talk about who is being selfish. I prefer a dispassionate discussion. If you want to read who is selfish read this http://weltschmertz.blogspot.com/2006/05/show-me-some-merit.html

And to his scrap I wrote something like this. (since he deleted the same so I am trying to reproduce from my memory, the only concern being the exactness of my words)

Lets discuss it out in the group, till you are banned. I hope u will refrain from mud-singling and being hysterical so that we can discuss it.

Then he was banned. He spoke out in my scrapbook anyway…

I know dalits will bann me,eventually,because they dont like to hear the truth.and I speak nothing but the truth.so u can ask the admins to ban me.

hey i can;t answer your questions in the forum,your admins and owners ahve banned me.what an cowardly act,only people full of hatread can bann me.I speak nothing but the truth.

dude i am not like the haters dalit who use bad lingo and loose temper :).Hopefully u will get my point.

I replied quoting the “truth” portion of his scrap.

Truth, of course as you might have perceived. Guess, you spoke enough of truth there. We, both come to the forum with pre-conceived notion. Neither you nor me would move an inch to accommodate another’s idea. So let it go. I know now you will sigh and scream “the only solution is civil war”. GOOD BYE

And this masquerading casteist sheds his veil of rationality, communal harmony and even sanity.

apocryphal,this is typical post ambedkar dalit response from you.you enjoy showing people low,hence u are not a tue equalist urself.also in one of the photos in your profile,shows prof chitre etc other bramhins with dr ambedkar this provves that highclass people like mr gokhle,raja ram mohan rai were the first to start this moment not dr ambedkar.so be a sadist as much you want to be,but dalits will never develop unless they change their attitude.And yes Cilvil was is the only solution of angry dalits keep on shitting like they have done in the past.I myself has used violence when dalits attacked me.Burnt two of them.I have dalits friends,but none is irrational like some.


  • I am surprised he felt inferior with a few exchange of words with me, without any conscious effort from my part.
  • There was not a single picture in my profile since it was created till now (dated 6th April. 07)
  • I am sadist, and I wont develop till I change my attitude but he is already feeling inferior.
  • Ludicriously, the person who wants to think of the nation, exemplifies his hapless incident as beginning of civil war.
  • He understands whats “irrational” but fails to understand whats rational.

I dont disagree with Anoop when he says in the very thread

hehehheh very tru.. but Apo this is not the problem of our dear murali only. If u look around and also in history u will see that reason, scientific temper and rationalism has never been a forte of so called upper caste hindus.reason has always been at premium with followers of hinduism.. wahtever there caste may be.

Agreed Anop, It is a pity that the successor of those who were barred from education have to educate others. To AVENGE my ancestors I refuse the favor.



19 thoughts on “A Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing- Amit Deo

  1. Dear Apo
    Long Back may be 6 months ago I had a chance encounter with Baba Amit Deoji.
    He posted some crap written by some RSS type fellow on Dr Ambedkar in one community.

    I wrote something and within 2 mins Baba amit Deo ji incarnated on my scrap book and wrote such beautiful scraps abt me, Dalit, Dr Ambedkar that I was rolling on the floor laughing…

    He is a perfect case of pshyco disorder and suffer from huge inferiority complex. May be in his childhood or adolescence might be beaten badly by some dalit or OBC guy (just guessing :))

  2. ok guys kindly notify me if you wish argue further.instead of hinding behind some unknow blog and painting dirty pictures of me.the author has displayed nice english skills,but has failed to understand me.So invite me for another debate,which should be in marathi language and i will explain my points to you.hari om.

  3. also ,involving my name without taking my permission on such blogs is unethical..and i now understand how much rage you dalits have..it is not us who hide behind any idealogy,but it is you..the ambedkar vadis who hide behind some ill logic.so do no involve my name without my explicit permission.This act itself prooves my point that you dalits are full of rage and are inviting communical disturabance..

  4. I am up for any debate, a time bound one, which follows at least a commonsensical logic, on a clearly delimited topic. I prefer English but anyone more comfortable in Hindi can debate with me in that language as well. And I reserve the right to use “the transcript of any debate i am involved” in any form I wish to use.

    Jai Bhim.

  5. http://www.paltalk.com…download this messenger…we will voice chat…
    also do not mis quote me on any forums…and i am not feeling inferior about my english skills..i stated the fact for the ease of the debate.I am against and will be against the hindu hate triggered by bhimrao ambedkar.marathi being my mother tongue i am highly comfortable debating using marathi.Remember I am for the upliftment of the backward,but reservation is not the solution.

  6. yaar. tumko hindi mein samjha raha hoon.jo bhi quote kiya gaya hei, uska eik proof, the screenshot of your scraps, blog mein lagaya hua hei. Agar nehi dikh raha hei, mein tumko mail kardunga, lemme know.

    If you think you have been misquoted or your privacy is breached or your copyright is infringed, file a law suit. We might argue face to face there, if you have a law degree. I dont do voice chat.

    Thanks for visiting the blog. It was encouraging.

  7. well then we can;t debate properly..i cannot write efficiently and you mis quote me and you cannot voice chat…so this is narova kunjarova situation.do me a favour..stop hating bramhins and others.this hatred will trigger a civil war,i can see it,but may you are blinded by ‘ambedkarvad..Again as i have stated earlier numerous times,I blame Mr Ambedkar of creating dalits amongst the dalits and expanding the gap between dalits and non dalits.

  8. chanced upon this while googling for dalit issues.

    1. if amit has burnt two dalits, why not file an FIR against him? i am certain that will contribute more to the dalit cause in general, and to resolving whatever personal feud that i may be unaware of, in particular; definitely more so than a frivolous suit about copyright violations on a forum like orkut will.

    2. amit does come across as a typical provocateur, and that’s his fetish/burden to enjoy/bear. however, unless we’re at the point in india’s history where the killings of 2000 muslims in gujarat can be well justified by the godhra riot, i believe verbal provocation does not warrant, under any circumstance, physical violence.

    3. it is inevitable that the zeigeist will cause individual and social consciousness to raise, and friction between strata is just as inevitable. however, one must understand that were it not for the brahmins whose conscience had awakened, babasaheb would have been dealt with the same fate that must have been met by any dalit who stood out and voiced his dissent prior to him.

    4. while babasaheb’s zeal for social eqalitarianism was indomitable and his genius remarkable, it would be an insult to the triumph of human spirit over adversity to say – na bhuuto na bhavishyati. there are always great men, a cut above the rest. perhaps that’s the true meaning of sambhavami yuge yuge. in any case, the greatness of krishna or babasaheb is not the debate here. but the crux of this point is, but for the conscientious so-called upper caste thinkers of his time, babasaheb may not have caused the revolution he did. the counter argument in this regard is also well established, that, in spite of the conscientious so-called upper caste thinkers of his time and thereon, babasaheb’s dream of a truly egalitarian india is still a distant reality.

    in closing, i’d reiterate that the zeitgeist is a juggernaut. you can slow it down, but you cannot stop it; and the wheels of change are rolling.

  9. This is really a joke.Posting fake things online.This is clearly against the ethics and is breaching privacy of a person.If that person had said things which are offensive you should have taken the matter through the proper legal channel.But instead you are trying to harass him/punish him by posting false things about him and you guys are doing this in a bunch.This is clear cut harassment at a personal level and in my opinion should be prosecuted to the fullest.I warn to the blog owner that he should immediately stop doing this action other wise,I will personally educate the person in question about the legal dispositions he can take against the blog owner.

    vande mataram.

  10. Wow,I wonder how this post did not come to my attention earlier.After having a read I think he deserves a debate.

    In my personal view the “dalits” too have shown impatience on many occasions.I mean how can we forget the 2007-08 violence in Mumbai.Dalits should practice patience if not then there is no other option other than violence which I am pretty sure no body here is interested in.

    There are many dalits who are against reservation and their demands are all together different.

    • Yeah right!

      How many people were injured/killed in the Dalit rage in Mumbai in 2006? What are the other incidents of dalit violence you remember? If you need to compare, do compare with that fact that ““Every hour two Dalits are assaulted, Every day three Dalit women are raped, Every day two Dalits are murdered & two Dalit houses are burnt in India.”(the Indian government reports (Crime in India))

      Dont just parade your ignorance and prejudice here. You dont even remember what year it was!

  11. I feel really sorry for you guys. I happen to know Amit Deo & I can certainly say that he is an real Idiot! and anybody engaging with him in any sort of c ommunication is on verge of becoming an Idiot. Amid Deo had a very pityful / abusive childhood

  12. This blog appears to be a travesty to the core.I mean individuals herein are more interested in denigrating an individual than serving any other higher cause.We all should be ashamed of such inane name calling.

  13. Timeline
    1991: Congress government headed by Narasimha Rao introduced 10% separate reservation for poor among forward Castes.
    1992: The Supreme Court has ruled in the Indra Sawhney case that separate reservation for poor among forward Castes as invalid. Government has withdrawn separate reservation as per supreme court judgement. (Many other verdicts given in same case has been overruled by constitutional amendments like quota in promotions, exceeding 50% reservations for Tamil Nadu, judgement regarding creamy layer in the same case was not implemented by Tamil Nadu so far.)
    2003: BJP government appointed a group of Ministers for suggesting measures for implementation of separate reservation for poor among forward Castes.[14]
    2004: Task force has been set up to work out modalities for providing reservations to Poor among forward Castes.No information available regarding report submitted by this task force.[15]
    2006: Present Congress Government appointed commission to study separate reservation for economically backward Castes.[16]
    2006: Communist government in Kerala earmarked 12% seats in private professional colleges for economically poor among forward Castes.[17]
    Many backward Caste leaders allege forward Castes are over represented in many spheres of life. State and central governments have not released adequate data regarding representation of various communities in their services and admissions to educational institutions. Most of the Private companies in India does not collect data regarding community of their employees. Very few reports are available regarding representation of various communities in public–private services and admissions in educational institutions.

  14. “wordpress support” please remove this content.I mean what is the object of such defamatory content ??? the blogger appears to be a scared person here.As he or she is clearly not disclosing his /her own identity but at the same time is maligning a certain select individual.shame on such self proclaimed dalit vadi’s.WORD PRESS SUPPORT please remove this content it is clearly defamatory.

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