Response to An Appeal

Two obsessions that inebriate the air in every Dalit forum are “Hindu bashing” and “Reservation”. Everyone wants to be creative, but withing the realm of these. Occasionally, people allude to Dr. Ambedkar or victimisation of Dalits. So it did not come as a surprise when someone disuaded people here to discuss temples and brahmins but talk “OBC reservation which the “manuwadi media”was downplaying. Quite so, I thought.

That’s true Abhijit
I am sick of the open ended debate on Hinduism and their scriptures. Lets concentrate on something objective and constructive. Did u notice the followings.

  1. The Govt. decides to increase seats so that the Caste-hinuds numbers dont fall. (that means, be whatever the ratio of representation of other castes, the same for caste-hindu should not be be perturbed).
  2. The Committee makes three-phased implementation.
  3. Funds are released for this year’s expansion, more than 900 crores allocated in this budget, I guess
  4. The the Supreme Court stays its decision till August. Is it an inadvertent decision ? I doubt. By this decision the court has denied entry of thousands of students into elite institutes. Who is liable for their future if the final decision came out in favour and still they lost their chances. Also no institute has come out clearly if their expansion this year means, implementing 27% in one go next time.
  5. It could be noted that a NINE-MEMBERED bench of Supreme court had earlier ratified OBC reservation based on 1931 census. If the present bench questions the validity of such data and other national surveys, do they want the OBCs to wait for another 4 years till the next census. Nothing could be more ridiculous than this.



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