Welcome to the Jungle

A twist in the thread “Reservarion: Discussion with different angle”. One guy aprears out of the blue posts several messages in almost all recent threads and for perticularly this, he had to say

survival of the fittest, got balls get ready to compete, thats how the world is gonna be in future. bc’s need better education than reservation“.

Anoop snaps back, ”

I think u r a case of ball 2 many. ……just few more years you will also see who are the most fittest to survive.. He does not seem to be a guy to pause and ponder.

He replies few more but to which intended to reply was this.

it doesn’t matter to me what caste survives, i don’t give a crap. if it takes a thousand to kill for me to survive, i do it with no second thought, i don’t fear god and infact i dont believe in the existance of god, all i believe in is my country. can you???????? welcome to the jungle my friend

My reply :

If you think jungle is the place for “unbridled competition” and “survial of the fittest” is the only rule there, you might like to take ur eyes off our balls and reconsider jungle. “survival strategies” by Raghavendra Gadagkar would be a good start, dammit, just try talking to a high school senior.

If you think both of the above can be logically extended to human societies, “social darwinism”, “eugenics” are the kind of terms you need to familiarise yourself with. Keep googling and feel lucky.

btw, Ignorance is Bliss. Njoy!!


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