How to Celebrate 14th April

A pretty girl in red enquires if there is any event being organised in delhi to mark the birth anniversary of Dr. Ambedkar. After number of follow up, a disgruntled young educated dalit airs his discontent very passionately.

He says, I have been to Aurangabad and seen the 14th April celebration there…There happens to be a looooong rally with huge amount of people. lots of groups celebrate in this rally in their own way…they portray their feelings towards Dr BR Ambedkar in many ways…few (only few) of them are really good and show extraordinary respect towards the legendary leader…many of them are good enough…

But I like to highlight here few of them which celebrate the day in their own way…

…they book a DJ (lots of heavy duty speakers) and play Hindi Film songs and yaa they also play a famous English dance track Brazil (Vengaboys)…….they dance like anything, as if they are attending a marriage function…….-they blow colors like people celebrate holi in India…-moreover, they take a lot of liquor to get the required zeal to accomplish the above and make their mood…I Just Want to say, Babasaheb never wished this for their people…

I wished he didnot expect everyone to behave as normally as he does. Some of us have weird ways of expressing ourselves e.g me. Look at me, I am writting aways messages and blogs while I should probably..oopps, this is what I replied…

Lets not idealise everything. If you intellectuals want to burden yourselves with soul searching, brainstorming etc. dalit society would definitely be proud of you. But for many laymen like me, certain milestones of Babasaheb’s life are symbols of dalit emancipation. So, if fun and flare fill the atmosphere with spontaneity (which appears from the music, dance and booze) it indicates how deep rooted the symbols are in dalit psyche (although i am deadly against boozing, at least when your life is in shambles). I think the proclivity to disdain practice of the people is highly brahminical (elite). If you can not read the pulse of the common dalit, the movement will be limited to your lounges.

Reasons to celebrate are important for societies. It relieves you from the monotony of life, weaves social networks, creates a sense of belongingness…… So let 14th April be such a reason. I think Dr. Ambedkar would have been pleased to have a such a present on his birthday.

(after posting the message I am thinking It must be foolish of me to use atmosphere instead of air. going techie :D)


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