Economic Criteria in Reservation

The thread kicks off to exhort members to pour in alternate ideas for “upliftment” of SC /STs. But as usual, everything in a dalit group finally boils down to vote for/against “caste based reservation”. In the course of argument, someone suggests economic criteria should be used. Then a vocal dalit quips

” Let me now explain why reservation not based on economic criterion. The first thing that I’ll say is that even if the reservation will be given on the economic based the most of the people in that category will be also from SC/ST/OBC. Even then I think reservation should be based on CASTE not on the basis of economic criterion reasons are …….Drop the sir name most of the problems will be removed from India . If not ready then reservation should be there on the basis of caste.

It always had been an erroneous inference that “economic criteria” under ideal condition (i.e only poor getting certified from govt. authorities as poor) will serve as good for ST/SC/OBCs as caste based reservation without excluding the prospects of poor caste-hindus.

Dont fall prey to these claims….

1. Economic criteria is just to ensure that the reserved seats are filled in with the caste-hindus. If there are 16% caste-hindus and 1% of them are poor. Then this 0.16% of indian population is still a huge number to fill in and spill over the 22.5% reserved seats/posts. While they have to compete with 90% of 22.5%(i.e more than 20% of indian population) they will always have an upperhand,as ulike us, they only disadvantage they have is poverty. And its neither war nor election that size of a community matters. If there are 100 reserved post in civil services, Economic criteria will ensure most of it, if not all, are served to caste-hindus on a silver platter.

2. It is not just surname. There are scores of other differences that would be cunningly exploited underneath, to continue the historial injustice. FYI, a group of students from iit-kgp declared to give up their family names (replace with ‘bharat’ i guess) on august 15th as a reactionary measure against then proposed OBC quota. Big question, what are they trying to protect ??


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