Another Perspective

Titled “reservation another angle” the orginiator of the post sought to know what would happen when reservation ceases. It came with a caution- “Remember Claim should follow Proper valid Reasoning” and thanks in advance. It was important two satisfy both the criteria i.e to look at reservation issue from a different angle and from that angle predict the aftermath of its ceasation. So..

The limited efficacy of reservation under the threat of a hostile caste-hindu establishment (the govt. if u want to say so) could not possibly have eluded Dr. Ambedkar. But by instituting reservation, he (must have) sought to achieve something unprecedented i.e

  1. He was able to bundle up a myriad of castes/tribes/groups as “SC/STs”.
  2. He was able to create a thinking class among the hitherto uneducated and gullible dalits.

Besides adequate representation, Babasaheb must have anticipated these two effects from years of reservation, whatever way it is meddled with. And these two inconspicuous objectives have met considerable success.Now consider this.Prior to reservation dalits from one district were strangers to another. Dalits discriminated among themselves. The scenario has changed. Dalits across the nation stand in solidarity for their cause. They have discovered commonality in their customs and practises. They are tracing back their lineage to an once prosperous civilisation. This transformation to a homogeneous entity, religiously, culturally and ideologically from scattered ghettos throughout India was facilitated by reservation.

Each educated dalit, willingly or not, is a window to the world, much beyond the hypocrisy the caste-prejudiced society wants them to see. They observe how the world is shaped each day. New idols, new leaders are made each day.

It is hard to believe that scrapping off reservation will push the community back to pre-colonial ages. Rather it will radicalise dalit politics, ensue factional violence and overall will be detrimental to the nation. Somehow insanely i believe that, under those circumstances education, land reform, escape from caste-based occupation can be maximised. But at what cost ??

Interestingly Anoop-I hardly knew him that time, has to say this..

I totally agree with ur posts. I think reservation is the only reason for creating a common identity of dalit hood although this identity is neither automatic nor homogeneous. Lots of efforts go into for assertion of this identity. Reservation for dalits have now become a two edged sword. On one hand it is giving hope to millions and on other hand all the dalit struggles in real term, apart from all the rhetorics of our leader, has limited itself to Reservtion.

Of course, Anoop. I do recognise the efforts gone into. And regarding homogeneity (although it didnt mean it with academic vigour), I think the process is on fasttrack.


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