Gita and Ramayana will be burnt

So someone posts this link in Dr. B.R. Ambedkar{ вαвαѕαнєв } community in orkut where the ravidar Kazhagam (DK) president K Veeramani has warned that the sacred book of the Hindus, the Bhagawad Gita and the Indian epic Ramayana, would be burnt. Follow ups posted mainly arguing whether or not it should be burnt. I thought, when you warn someone it needs to offer some choices which the DK president did not. So in my post I did that.

I would issue this statement before i do that
I do realise that we-dalits and hindus-are living in a pluralistic society, where religious tolerance and peaceful co-existence are utmost requirement (so are with other religious communities). Dalits cannot go on flaring up religious sentiment of the Hindus by burning their sacred scriptures. But it also remains a blot in history of India and countries like Pakistan, Nepal, Bangladesh, Indonesia etc. that these scriptures, if not the origin of caste-based discrimination, have institutionalised it. Harmony between the two communities cannot be foreseen untill the bone of contention is resolved. I would like to award short shrift to the custodians of Hindu religions before I resort to any kind of extremist anit-hindu activity. This is because, all deserve a second chance to correct themselves and evolve, so does Hinduism. The followings are my demand…

  1. Hindus must issue an unconditional and public apology for the thousands of years of injustice and crime against dalits, sudras and women, directly addressed to the victims.
  2. A copy of “the apology” must be inserted as a preface to any Hindu religious or philosophical text printed and published henceforth.
  3. Any part of the scriptures containing offensive and derogatory material against dalits, sudras and/or women must be expunged but preserved in the museums as “black books” for public display.
  4. An oath denouncing caste-system and its practice in any form must be constituted and made compulsory to be pronounced by each and every pilgrims before entering the sanctum sanctorum or being granted a sight of the Hindu deities in any hindu temple (including the breakaway sects of hindu/sanatan religion).
  5. Customs and practices of caste-based discrimination must be declared the biggest sin and crime equivalent to denouncement of Hindu gods, and to seek forgiveness shall have to be a public confession in the temples and service to the disadvantaged people/section of the society.”

6 thoughts on “Gita and Ramayana will be burnt

  1. I came across your blog and find it refreshingly honest and enlightened. I would however disagree slightly with the 5 points you listed. I think points 4 and 5 are excellent ideas, point 2 is interesting but it would be practically difficult to implement it, and as for point 1, I don’t know who can be considered a “leader” or figurehead from whom the apology should come. As a so called “upper caste” person myself, I personally condemn this practice, and apologise on behalf of my ancestors personally.

    It is with point 3 however that I strongly disagree. The trouble is these texts are part of history and any attempt at trying to delete or rewrite history is not good. Of course as you probably know there is no one version of most Hindu myths/texts such as the Ramayana, which has constantly had different versions and different stories in different languages. I heartily think it is a great idea to create newer further versions of these tales today which don’t have discriminatory and hateful messages in them. I however think we should create new texts and different texts but not delete history. To delete this history is to deny this historic oppression which I think is not good. If we are to learn from history and to improve we need to know what that history was, good and bad.

  2. Mr Shanth,

    hi, please see my latest blog post (which is a too big response to your comment, named Gita and Ramayana will be burnt-II). it will be up in an hour

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